Sunday, November 8, 2015

They've Got To Change Their Evil Ways

My cousin Morty in Israel reminded me about the recent rantings by U.S. presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson who recently stated that instead of being built as a burial place for ancient Egyptian royalty, the Pyramids were actually constructed by the biblical character Joseph for the purpose of grain storage. This story also was covered by media here in the Philippines which is also following the U.S. election.

In a recent "Atheist Revolution" post about Freethought vs. Tribalism, the moderator discussed why it's not a good idea to be bound by ideology, and in keeping with this philosophy he shares certain opinions with both  the American Right and the Left, depending on the topic. He further states that no political party has all the answers. For the most part I concur with him.  However, here was part of my response:

 "...I agree that it's foolish to totally accept the creed of a given political party, only because it's that party's ideology. That's why I don't go along with all of the Democratic party's "progressive" / liberal tenets, e.g. in re illegal immigrants. But I do uphold many of them. However, I reject the Republican party out of hand as it has become an obscene mockery of its previous values. For example, at one time its leaders were. willing to moderate for the greater good of America, not shut it down. IMO its most prominent members are political and socioeconomic perverts who want to impose Christianity as the national religion and who almost destroyed the middle class in 2008 while they profited from the resulting depression--and are still doing so."

And don't even get me started about their regressive attacks on reproductive rights, health care, and social security. 

Ben ​Carson who by the way is also a creationist extraordinaire and as it turns out a liar about his background, is just one of many of a string of GOP misfits which goes back decades.  So I suppose that I should be used to Republicans' rantings by now.  But the utterings that come out of their mouth still floor me, e.g.  "Texas Congressman Wants To Put Gay People On An Island To See If They Die Out". And as further evidence of this party's homophobic leanings, see (and hear) "Republican Candidates Speak at Event Hosted  By  Pastor Who Wants Gay People To Be Put To Death".

As for the Texas representative's proposal I have a better idea. Let's put all the GOP politicians on an island. With their aversion to socioeconomic cooperation and sharing  which they would likely  disparage as "socialism",  maybe in time they'd die out.


Jack Vance said...

For me, the key is that I consider policy ideas on their merit rather than their source. So if Donald Trump, Rand Paul, or whoever else comes up with a reasonable idea, I'm going to consider it rather than dismiss it solely because of the source. The flip side is also true in that I'm not going to blindly accept a liberal idea just because it is a liberal idea.

I don't disagree that much of today's Democratic party is preferable to much of today's Republican party, but I think we need the contributions of both liberals and conservatives.

Secular Guy said...


Thanks for your response. I agree with you about merit. The problem is that IMO the Republican presidential candidates not only have nothing to offer but a harder life to the American people of average and below average means, but are stark raving lunatics as well. And today's "conservative" members of congress and many other office holders of their ilk are so hard line that they will not negotiate with their liberal counterparts. And it's been that way for the last few decades as well. Recall how in the first few years of his administration, Obama tried to work with the Republicans in Congress but on various economic issues but was kicked in the teeth for his efforts. And let's not forget how through now the rethuglicans are still trying to destroy Obamacare.

And remember how the rethugs also tried to destroy President Clinton out of sheer malice?

All this is why I feel that they are a disgrace and are not our fathers' Republicans / conservatives.