Friday, April 25, 2008

More on Bush's War Against Science

The phrase "politically correct" was originally a label used by conservatives to derisively describe the euphemistic, "feel-good" terminology used by postmodernists who distort word and idea meanings in order to fit their relativistic ideology. But what if the shoe were on the other foot? In other words what if Republican government policy dictated that scientific findings must conform to right-wing ideals in order to be considered valid?

Well, that's exactly what has come to pass. In my original blog Bush and The Rabid Republicans: Menace to America I commented on how the Bush Administration interfered with and politicized government science research and findings in the FDA. It comes as no surprise that the Republicans' malicious mischief didn't stop there. A recent survey of scientists at the EPA reported pressure from the White House to cook their findings to favor private industry.

It's no secret that Bush and his team are anti-intellectual and have no use for the scientific method, especially when the results are not to their liking. But to see just how demoralizing and difficult it is for government researchers to work under these conditions and how prone their studies are to manipulation by Dubya and his people, see "Hundreds of Scientists Report Political Interference".