Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Donald Trump, Israel, and Single Issue Voting

I recently read a post on Facebook written by a Jewish fan of Donald Trump who believes that he is a "great friend of Israel"(!) and that it is therefore disrespectful to criticize him, as I and other Jews have done in FB and elsewhere.

Followers  of Trump who support him just because they think he's a friend of Israel need to be reminded  that Trump is running for  President of the United States, not of Israel. Thoughtful Jewish American voters are rightfully weighing whether he is fit for the job based not only on such factors  as his proposed  policies, and perceived ability to lead our nation in terms of advancing its overall political and economic well-being and furthering its interests in international affairs, but also  his experience, background, and temperament.

Voters in Israel must do likewise in deciding their leaders. It would just as irresponsible for citizens there to select candidates solely on warm feelings of the latter towards America.

In short, it behooves everyone to carefully consider what's at stake when it comes to electing their country's head of state. Casting a vote for a candidate based his / her stance on a single issue (BTW this applies equally  to the decision whether or not to vote for Hillary Clinton based only on her gender) is short-sighted to the point of blindness.