Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fault Lines: The Blame Game And The "Draw Mohammed" Contest

As a political progressive, I don't often agree with the likes of Pamela Geller, the organizer of the May 3 "Draw Mohammed" cartoon contest and exhibit in Garland, TX.  Geller is confrontational and abrasive. But nothing she did justifies the Islamic terrorist attack on that event in which both assailants were killed before they could enter the building. As she pointed out in a debate with hate-inciting Muslim cleric Anjem Choudar, followers of that religion have no right to try to impose Shari'a law,  including (especially) the prohibition against creating images of Islam's founder, on others.

I also appreciate the way that Geller put Chouder along with his advocacy of Islamic extremism in his place with clever rejoinders to his vicious accusations against both her and Western culture.   The debate itself  was hosted  by Sean Hannity who not unexpectedly  was not an impartial moderator.  He also roundly condemned Chouder for his atrocious views.

There are those who contend that Geller deliberately provoked the Garland shootout by organizing the Draw Mohammed occasion in the first place. But that assertion  misses Geller's point, which is that  Islam is unique among the world's major religions  in that its response to censure and refusal by non-Muslims to follow its dictates is murderous violence. In fact,  Geller herself is the target of a fatwa- an Islamic order for her execution. What other significant belief (or non-belief)  system imposes such penalties for blasphemy, especially against outsiders?

In short those who would pin the blame on Geller  for the deadly confrontation that happened in Garland should instead put it squarely where it belongs: on radical Islam and its adherents. And at least the outcome was that there are now two fewer Muslim threats in the world for us "infidels" to have to worry about.


Andrew Hall said...

A lot of people use the "They shouldn't have been poking the bear" argument on why Geller and company share blame for the shootings.

Of course, it's a false analogy. Islamic fundamentalists are not unreasoning feral creatures.

Oh, wait a minute...

Secular Guy said...


Thanks for your response. You nailed it.

Rick (Secular Guy) Levy