Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Don't They Get It?

Those heathen Japanese. GOD sent them a warning through that earthquake, tsunami and nuclear contamination to mend their wicked ways, to recognize his supreme powers and to pray to him for forgiveness for their stubborn refusal to accept his might,  But do they listen? Oh no, they're too busy digging themselves out of the rubble, working to rebuild the damaged areas and putting their lives back in order rather than spend time beseeching his mercy.

And another thing, in the wake of all the destruction and casualties,  why hasn't there been looting and rioting?  Just who do those Asians think they are by maintaining law and order without being forced to do so?. You can bet if a catastrophe of this magnitude had befallen an American city, God-fearing people would have been picking the shelves clean, exercising their right to bear arms against anyone who gets in their way, and fighting the National Guard in order to prevent that socialist Obama and the federal government from taking over their lives.   

And you know what really gets me?  The Japanese are just too progressive and diligent.  By planning in advance for the natural disasters like this one, for all the lives that were lost thousands more were saved unlike in other countries that pray and cut corners instead of prepare in advance. And can you imagine that they had the nerve to apply geology and other sciences to gain an understanding of their environment instead of relying on the Bible and  putting themselves in the hands of the LORD to carry them through times of tragedy?

I could go on but why bother?  Those people are hopeless. They may have such traits as courage, patience, and a sense of community on their side, but we Americans have GOD on ours.


Skepticat said...

One day we may be as hopeless that they are but don't worry. Mississippi is doing it's part to make sure we hold onto God real tight. :p

Secular Guy said...


As Mississippi goes, so goes the nation?

John_poson26 said...

Thanks for making that point, about as close as you can get to who’s more moral – who as a whole, has the greater level of morality. Those who trick themselves into believing that they can fuck over anyone that they choose, and then simply “repent” to their imaginary “savior,” or those who do the right thing, simply because it’s the right thing to do in the first place

Great post!!!!

Secular Guy said...


Thanks for your support. Religion fundamentalism as a form of "morality" is an example of a dangerous self-delusion because it's socially acceptable in a way that other disconnects from reality never would be.

Vlad The Impatient said...

As a side note from an atheist angle (with apologies for going a bit serious): Japanese religion (I was tempted to type "religion") is as far removed as it can get from what is considered religion in the West, that I usually hesitate to even call it that. They certainly do not believe that any deity is there so it can help them (or harm their enemies).

Secular Guy said...


Thanks for your input. I agree that he non-theistic character of the Japanese religion makes a big impact on their outlook. Contrast this to their bygone era of emperor worship which was (aside from economic considerations) at least partly responsible for their then martial superiority complex that in turn led to WWII.

vjack said...

Great post! Even if we Americans could refrain from widespread looting in the aftermath of something like this, our media would report that we were doing it anyway.

Secular Guy said...


Thanks for your support. I admit there are gray areas in the matter of looting. If one is starving and desperate as the result of a disaster, stealing bread from a deserted store is understandable. But making off with a TV or jewelry is not.

Joaquim said...

Friends that have lived in Japan often complain about the country's culture.
Things like their reluctance to let sick children stay at home unless it's truly serious, intolerance of inefficiency, and the familiar: "Are you working hard? Good, now work harder!"

To us outsiders, it seems so harsh, cold, and uncaring, but when you see a disaster like this strike, you suddenly understand the true character of the Japanese. They are so prepared and desensitised (excuse the British spelling!) that when the time comes, they are completely ready to deal whatever is thrown their way. It's a marvel to witness, to be honest, something the rest of the world should aspire to emulate (although this culture also has its downsides, of course). Unfortunately, religion has a habit of getting in the way of such things.

Great post!

Secular Guy said...


Thanks for your input. I wonder if there's a cultural happy medium where people can prepare themselves for the worst as do the Japanese and yet not be so constantly uptight the rest of the time.