Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Church's Damnable Damage Control

As a rule, when I create a post  I don't knowingly duplicate a topic from another blog site, especially a recent one from the blog list in my sidebar, in this case "Atheist Revolution".  I  believe that doing so is intellectually lazy.   However, due to the gravity of the issue and the enormity of the report relating to that topic as related by that esteemable site, I'm making an exception. I  feel that it's imperative to bring this matter to those of you who may not have read this story.
So here's the deal.  Just when I thought that the Catholic Church pedophilia scandal couldn't get any uglier than what's already been revealed, I was proven wrong.  To see what I mean, you can either click on the above link to "Atheist Revolution", or click here to read the article that the post will refer you to.

But wait. There's more.  Just to show how depraved and cynical that the Church hierarchy, whom millions of people throughout the world place their trust, has become, please read this post from "Atheist Revolution". 

BTW now that I've introduced you to "Atheist Revolution",  I hope that you will join me as a regular reader of that site.  The author "Vjack",  is extremely prolific and comes up with at least one provocative new topic almost every day.


Alan said...

As usual, I'm shocked but not surprised. These people not only fail to measure up to their own pious moral standard...they have their own level of depravity -- which they then cover up!

Secular Guy said...

I read in "Free Inquiry" that the Catholic Church is losing members year after year. I guess that all we can do is hope that with the revelations that keep surfacing about this rogue institution, this trend will accelerate so that the Vatican goes out of business sooner rather than later.

Alan said...

I've always thought that the answer to religion is science and economics: as people become wealthier and more advanced, they cease to need God to do things for them. Sadly, as long as there are poor and ignorant people (a billion people live on a dollar a day!) there will be religion.

Secular Guy said...

I've always thought so too. The Northwest European countries especially Scandinavia seem to bear out this correlation between advanced societies and independence from dependence on a supreme being.

Yet, oddly enough in the Philippines which of course is a third world country with millions of (understandably) theistic poor people, even the "educated" and better off middle and upper classes are also devout believers.